The Regional Development Authority strategically funds initiatives to create a vibrant, inclusive, and growing community.

Graphic showcasing the Q2030 regional action plan for the Quad Cities, talking about the focus on cool places, creative people, a connected region, and a prosperous economy

How RDA aligns with Q2030...and why

RDA is proud of our legacy of promoting collaboration and supporting innovative approaches that make our community better for all.

We believe Q2030’s Priorities and Guiding Principles drive strategies that emphasize action and results.   We understand that long-term alignment of efforts and resources paves the way  for a more vibrant, inclusive and growing community.

We align with the Q2030 plan by: 1) acting on the Guiding Principles; 2) supporting and encouraging the alignment of people, organizations and resources and 3) recognize that success comes from the combination of many interventions.

Q2030 Guiding Principles