The Regional Development Authority strategically funds initiatives to create a vibrant, inclusive, and growing community.

About the Regional Development Authority

The Regional Development Authority (RDA) is a Qualified Sponsoring Organization (QSO) in the State of Iowa under the Iowa Excursion Boat Gambling Act. This Iowa legislation created a state-wide gaming industry with built in community investment commitments. Each casino in Iowa is licensed by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC) and operates through an agreement with a QSO. The agreements allocate a percentage of the casino’s gaming revenues for community grant making. Each QSO determines, though local leadership, how those dollars are spent. RDA is the QSO for Rhythm City Casino Resort and since 1991, has made over $81 million in grants to qualified nonprofit organizations, schools, and governmental units that benefit Scott County, Iowa residents. RDA’s impact in the Quad Cities can be understood in many ways:

RDA’s mission is to strategically fund initiatives that create a vibrant, inclusive, and growing community. We invest in the capacity of other leadership organizations and support efforts of local volunteer-led nonprofits to engage people who care. We respond to requests for general funding needs and think about the bigger picture and community-wide systems improvements.